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            What You
                      Pray For

Meet the Creator

    Tiffany was born in the big city of Chicago, Illinois, but grew up in the small town of Jacksonville, Arkansas, where she began singing at the age of 5 in local venues. It was then she realized her calling, and that was to share her gift of song.  Making people feel good through her music has been her goal from a very early age.  She moved to Atlanta, Georgia as a young woman  to start her adult life and pursue her dreams. 

    Tiffany's EP, "Essence of Love", was her debut project.  To be followed by her second project entitled, "Simply Me" (available on itunes).  Her solo career has taken her to perform in front of thousands at The Taste of Chicago, as well as, numerous local functions and charities in Atlanta and her home town.  

    While the foundation of her love of the arts is music, it isn't her only love.  Her music displays her creative writing ability which lead her to take it a step further with her 1st self-produced, written and directed hit stage play "The Mistress Club".  Using episodes from her own life, she intertwined true stories from real mistresses creating a mature theatrical montage of sexy women amazing songs and a story line that will have you laughing and shaking your head in surprise.  This new found talent landed her with multiple directorial jobs for projects such as stage play "Little Black Girl Blues" and ultimately crossing over to directing movies such as "Selfish Desires" and "Burning Bridges."  

    With more than 10 plus years in the Arts & Entertainment business, Tiffany represents the woman of today and constantly reinvents herself to maintain relevance.  Be on the lookout for her novel The Mistress Club as well as her next productions of this Broadway bound musical,  

    Her latest projects, sure to be a hit play, "Angels in Training",  and a full featured movie "Cursed with The Cure", show the debth and range of her talents.  Class, sophistication, good taste and maturity are the ingredients that make up this exciting new; artist,  entrepreneur, writer, and director; so keep an eye and ear out for

Simply Tiffany Soul!