Be Careful
            What You
                      Pray For


    Angels in Training is not just another musical play, it is inspiration and a movement.  It touches on life lessons that cross the race and gender boundaries diving into the core of real life issues and situations.

    The world is in a peculiar state today and people sometimes shy away from things that remind them of terrible times.   With that said, Angels in Training does put the life situation out in the open but encompassed with great music, electrifying dance numbers and singing that will surely make the Heavens smile. ​ 

    It follows the journey, and discovery of self-worth of a young woman "Alyssa", victim to the generational curse of domestic violence. She prays one night, after a terrible beating, for God to let her die and come to be with him.  Instead of letting her die, God takes her to where the Angels are trained.  

    In training, she learns what happens to the people who depend on her the most, when she is gone.  The Angels guide her through self-understanding and purpose, revealing that she is actually a living Angel.

    Come experience this electrifying musical that reminds us all that we are Angels in Training!

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